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9/10: Open Game Thread

Joe Saunders vs. Jordan Lyles

Scott Halleran

I woke up this morning with a fresh cup of coffee, excited to watch the Apple livestream of the new iPhone 5s. As they began to roll out yet another only slightly spruced up version of the last iPhone, I sighed, disappointed, thinking another one of these, huh?

Later in the afternoon, I walked to my nearby Fred Meyer to grab a few quick groceries. It was pretty warm, and my frustration began to grow as I set off the anti-theft alarm on accident and broke my paper bag walking home, a sure sign of that today was shaping up to be a grrrrrrreat day. Another one of these, huh?

I obviously knew who was taking the mound for the M's tonight, but somehow when I loaded to see Joe Saunders' name, my stomach turned ever so slightly. It's not that I actively dislike Saunders or anything--I was pretty sure he would be a fine Jason Vargas replacement--but then he started to come apart, limb by limb. His wins bring 8 hits and 2 home runs, his losses even more. As soon as the ball leaves the park, he immediately raises his glove asking for another, sighs, and exposes his top row of teeth with a tepid hint of not frustration but acceptance. It wouldn't matter if Saunders notched the win or not tonight. I knew what kind of game I would be getting. Another one of these, huh?

Tuesday night. Home game. Astros. Jordan Lyles. Another one of these, huh?

Raul Ibanez in left. Gutierrez in right. Ackley on the bench. Another one of these, huh?

Eric Wedge chewing his bottom lip, arms folded. Carl Willis slowly jogging to the pitcher's mound with his hat on so loose it might fall. Another one of these, huh?

But just as frustrations simmer and the season starts to wind down, I'm starting to realize that I'm going to miss the crap out of watching the Mariners play baseball. There are only a few weeks left of baseball, and I intend to squeeze every last ounce out of them that I can. Tonight, we get to see Abraham Almonte continue to make his case for a spot out of spring training. Kyle Seager and Brad Miller will ostensibly continue their roles on the left side of the infield, and it's honestly pretty nice watching Mike Zunino behind the plate, as much as Uncle Blanco makes me smile.

So yes,

It's another one of these.


P. Joe Saunders (L)


P. Jordan Lyles (R)