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MLB releases 2014 Mariners schedule; it sucks

The Mariners open the season against a team not named the Oakland Athletics. At home? Of course not.

Jared Wickerham

I'm not a scheduling expert. I imagine it's extremely difficult to make a schedule for all 30 teams across baseball. Maneuvering around previously scheduled events, balancing opponents, travel times - it all seems like a nightmare. Actually, it seems like it would be kind of fun, if you had a long time to make it, which the people in charge of doing so certainly do. Every year the process is repeated, and now that there's constantly interleague play, it's even more difficult than before.

The Mariners got their schedule in the mail today, and the results are unsurprising. They got dumped on.

Their season opens with a three game set in Anaheim, and then they will travel for a four game series in Oakland. The home opener is against the Angels is on Tuesday, April 8th. It's a two game series versus LAA, and then Oakland comes in for a three game series. Don't worry, they're off on the road again right after, and won't be back until April 21st.

Here are some fun facts about the 2014 Mariners schedule, which you can view in full on the official website.

  • 14 of the first 19 games are on the road.
  • The Mariners travel to Miami, Atlanta, and Philadelphia in interleague play.
  • Coming to Seattle are the Mets, Braves, and Nationals.
  • 11 of the last 14 games are on the road.
  • The Mariners have a nine game road trip in August that consists of Detroit, Boston, and Philadelphia.
  • The Mariners have another one of those "two and two" series against San Diego in June, where they'll play two in Safeco and then turn around and play two in San Diego immediately after with no days off.

It's a rough schedule. The Mariners haven't gotten much help from Major League Baseball in a long time, and 2014 isn't any different. The streaks away from home to start and end the year are tough if you believe in momentum, of if you believe the Mariners can be in a playoff race at the end of the year.

The Mariners had opened the last four seasons in a row in Oakland, even when they were in Japan, they came back to finish the series in Oakland. They haven't had an opening day in Safeco since 2008, so this will be the 6th straight year Major League Baseball has decided the Mariners don't deserve to open baseball in Seattle. I'm not a scheduling expert, but it seems like MLB has treated the Mariners pretty shitty over recent years, and 2014 doesn't seem to change that. The M's used to open at home all the time when they were a hot ticket from the mid 90s into the 2000s, so don't ever forget how much this game is run like a business above all else, including what's fair to fans.

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