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9/1: Open Game Thread

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Hisashi Iwakuma vs Brett Oberholtzer

Scott Halleran

Its Kuma day, which is a real sentence one can say now. That's a neat thing.

The Mariners are facing Brett Oberholtzer on the mound, which is also a real sentence one can say, one which feels quite different than the first sentence I said about Hisashi Iwakuma. Nick Franklin is right back in that 2-hole slot and Dustin Ackley has moved back to batting eighth, just before our just-turned-42 catcher Henry Blanco.

It's the final game of the series with the Astros, and we are only going to see this gang one more time in early September. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and eat a donut--it's time for morning baseball.


P. Hisashi Iwakuma (R) P


P. Brett Oberholtzer (R) P