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Mariners add Tom Wilhelmsen, Mike Zunino

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Tom Wilhemsen is back, and will pitch in relief. Mike Zunino is also returning from a stupid broken hamate bone.

Otto Greule Jr

The Mariners are waiting until after September 2nd to announce the rest of their September call-ups, but in the mean time, they'll bring back Tom Wilhelmsen today and Mike Zunino tomorrow, the latter of which is ending his rehab assignment. It'll be nice to see Zunino get another month of experience under his belt, and he was starting to perform well before his injury came at a less than ideal time.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmsen has seen Danny Farquhar run away with his old job, and he'll pitch in scattered relief, which I can't imagine will be more than mop-up duty. Wilhelmsen was nothing short of terrible in Tacoma, carrying a 10.50 ERA to go along with a 2.00 WHIP. Don't like those numbers? His 5.70 FIP doesn't do much to inspire confidence either. Wilhelmsen started a few games, but it never really worked out, and if the team was ever thinking about making him a starter, he just couldn't stay afloat long enough to make it happen.

The only thing he managed to do in AAA was miss some bats, and he struck out 15 batters in 12 innings. Obviously it came at the expense of getting his face blasted off, but I'm looking for something positive to say here. I wish I had more. Tom Wilhelmsen is completely broken, and bringing him up right now might not do any good for him. It seems pretty obvious that Wilhelmsen needs an extended mental break and time to work on his mechanics, and the Mariners tossing him back into the fire after getting torched against lesser competition isn't really going to do either. I just don't really see much to gain from throwing him right back out there, so hopefully he does a lot more sitting and working with Carl Willis than he does hanging curves right down the middle.

As soon as Tacoma's season ends, the Mariners will see several other players added to the team. Expect guys on the 40-man to come back up (Peguero, Beavan, LaFromboise, Triunfel), but the team may also call up newly-acquired Xavier Avery, who's on the 40-man himself. Chance Ruffin may also get a look, and while there are others on the 40-man roster who may also get a cup of coffee, I'd be surprised to see the Mariners add anybody else such as Nate Tenbrink.

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