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(Pictured) The Mariners Hall of Fame

Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, Marilyn Niehaus, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez and Alvin Davis in one beautiful picture.


We'd all love it if the Mariners were a franchise that had provided us with more positive memories. More great players, more winning, more (any) championships. The little 36 year old franchise we follow and root for is lean on the kinds of history best told in shades of sepia. But that doesn't mean we don't have some. Almost all of the most important parts of it are in town this weekend for Griffey's HOF induction. It has led to the fabulous picture you see below courtesy of Mariners' announcer and mensch Aaron Goldsmith:

Sans Ichiro and Felix that is as magnificent a photo op as the Seattle Mariners are capable of producing. Nostalgia is a liar, but its lies are beautiful and alluring. Man. I'm just going to stare at it for the rest of the afternoon until work says go home and then I'm going to go home and ignore my family and stare at it more. Then I'm going to go play catch until it's so dark I get hit in the face with the ball.

In my concussed dreams I will dream of this picture. Glorious.

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