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8/6: Open Game Thread

Happy Felix Day, everybody!


Tonight, Felix Hernandez takes the mound against the Toronto Blue Jays to face Josh Johnson, looking for win number 12. It should be win number 13, but if we just pretend Boston never happened, then maybe it will go away. That's how I usually handle all my problems, anyway. Car problems? Shhhhhhhhhh. Chipped a tooth? Eat on the other side. Mariners bullpen? Turn it off after the 6th. Try it sometime.

Today's lineup is a return to what we've been seeing lately, with Nick Franklin back in the 2 hole after getting a couple of days rest. Michael Morse has yet again etched Dustin Ackley to his new spot on the dugout bench, and Henry Blanco gets the start behind the plate. So you know what that means. Dinger city.

But it's Felix, everybody. Lets just close our eyes and sing along.

You know what's weird? Felix is leading the AL in ERA. He's leading the AL in innings pitched. He's third in K's, and is having arguably one of his best seasons ever, posting career bests in K/9, BB/9, LOB%, FIP, and if you ignore his short 2005 season, career bests in WHIP and SIERA. He also has yet to pitch a complete game this year. Baseball, man. Baseball.


P. King Felix (R)

Blue Jays: