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Biogenesis Ban: Jesus Montero suspended 50 games for PEDs

The Biogenesis saga has finally come to a conclusion, and Jesus Montero joins twelve other players who will be suspended.

oh shit
oh shit

Despite a few holding out hope that it was Jesus Montero's brother Jesus (really) listed among the rule breakers, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Jesus Montero of the Seattle Mariners has indeed been suspended for his involvement in the Biogenesis Clinic. There are some new names that weren't previously listed, but no other Mariners are included outside of Montero.

It's a first time violation for Montero, so he'll get the standard 50-game ban. It was reported earlier that Alex Rodriguez is the only one expected to appeal his suspension, so it's assumed Montero will swallow the pill and take the suspension.

Montero joins a few others in a bit of a unique situation, given that he's currently a minor league ballplayer receiving an MLB suspension for violations when he was at the major league level. The assumption is that Montero will serve out his 50 game suspension immediately, but there's well under 50 games remaining in Tacoma's season. Consequently, will Montero be allowed to serve out the remainder of his suspension this season, or will it carry over to next year because he can't miss the required amount of games at his current level?

The most likely scenario is that Montero will simply be removed from the Tacoma roster, docked the rest of his season's pay, and start 2014 with a clean slate. That's what Shannon Drayer seems to think. It's totally weird but there isn't a whole lot of precedent here for this kind of suspension coming from a higher level than the player is currently at. This scenario would certainly be best for all parties involved, as things can't exactly get any worse for Jesus Montero, who's by all measures been uninspiring in Tacoma.

We've used the phrase "wake-up call" with Montero quite a bit. The demotion, the fundamental mistakes, the eternal rumblings about his work ethic - it's all come to a head, and now Montero's career is at a crossroads. One of two things could happen. Nothing, which is just about what everyone expects at this point. Expectations are at rock bottom, and he's simply not considered a part of this team's future core. If it's any saving grace, Michael Pineda had a setback yesterday, not that we should be rooting for the failure of another player. That whole trade was supposed to be Salumi for both teams and ended up being a gigantic turd sandwich and the Mariners have already eaten the first half.

Alternatively, he could actually use this as motivation to turn his career around. Or maybe he won't, and he'll just start to hit anyways. I have no idea what to expect with Jesus Montero, and I'm past the point of caring. Either he'll make it or he won't, but the Mariners surely aren't holding their breath waiting for him to do so. I'm not either.

Jesus Montero joins the following players who received the banhammer, which includes a couple other minor leaguers.

Sergio Escolona (Astros, MiLB)
Jordany Valdespin (Mets, MiLB)
Cesar Puello (Mets, MiLB)
Evereth Cabrera (Padres)
Fautino De Los Santos (Padres, MiLB)
Antonio Bastardo (Phillies)
Nelson Cruz (Rangers)
Jhonny Peralta (Tigers)
Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
Francisco Cervello (Yankees)
Fernando Martinez (Yankees, MiLB)
Jordan Norberto (Unemployed)

Alex Rodriguez is suspected to appeal his suspension, and he'll try to play tonight for New York. The game has about a 50/50 chance of being rained out beyond, which would be hilarious. The current deal was for Rodriguez to be suspended through 2014, but he didn't like that. There were rumblings that MLB could slap a lifetime ban on A-Rod if he appeals. A-Rod attempts to come back, gets rained out, MLB rejects appeal, bans him for life. Let's see it, baseball gods.

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