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Podcast Episode 8 with guest Aaron Goldsmith

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Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith is our guest this week, and he's a good one.

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This week's guest is Aaron Goldsmith, the wonderful addition to the Seattle Mariners broadcast team. You've heard him in the radio booth with Rick Rizzs, and now you can hear him chatting with me.

Aaron and I discuss life on the road, using sabermetric stats on the broadcast, clubhouse stories, relying on Yelp to get through road trips, growing up with baseball cards in the 90s, becoming a fan of the team you work for, and many other topics, including a hilarious Brandon Bantz story.

Don't miss this one. It's one of the best podcasts we've ever done and Aaron was a fantastic guest. He's got lots of interesting things to say about his first year in the booth and being around this group of ballplayers. Our thanks to Aaron for taking time out of his busy schedule!

The Lookout Landing podcast is available on iTunes or you can stream it here or download the file directly.

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