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Stephen Pryor shut down for the season

The Mariners have examined Pryor and found triceps damage, so that'll do it. It isn't looking great for Danny Hultzen, either.

Otto Greule Jr

Well, that will do it for Stephen Pryor. The Mariners have found some triceps damage in Pryor's throwing arm, and he'll be shut down for the rest of the year. Pryor has been out since April with a torn latissimus dorsi muscle (that's fancy for something behind his shoulder). Pryor was in the middle of a rehab assignment, and things were going pretty well until he imploded on July 31st, allowing five hits and five runs before recording a single out in an appearance with the Tacoma Rainiers. Sergio Santos had just a triceps strain this year, and he missed almost four months. David Price had a triceps injury that wasn't as serious, and he missed about six weeks. Right now, Pryor's injury is being called an "issue." Severity unknown.

It's funny to think that Stephen Pryor was initially placed on the 15-day disabled list when he's at nearly four months removed, and by the time he pitches again it'll be nearly a year. It's a tough blow to the Mariners as they look to assemble their 2014 bullpen, and Pryor had been excellent before his April injury. Pryor remains one of the team's best bullpen prospects, and with all of the trouble they've had in the bullpen lately, it's a bummer he won't be around to help out for the home stretch, even if it's simply for evaluative purposes. Carter Capps has been pitching relatively well in AAA, but isn't striking batters out like he used to. This isn't exactly the year the Mariners hoped for from these two. This is a harsh reminder of how fragile and volatile relievers can be. But Danny Farquhar, man.

The news isn't looking great on Danny Hultzen either, and while the team hasn't announced anything about his status yet, Jack Zduriencik admitted on Mitch in the Morning that Hultzen might not pitch again this year, and knowing how Z carefully selects his words, it'd be an upset if Hultzen throws another inning in 2013. I hope it's true, and I hope they spend the offseason making some adjustments to Hultzen's delivery to prevent any more future injuries. I also hope it doesn't make Hultzen suck, because he's very good. I have a lot of hopes.

In a season that is fading away, it's frustrating to see two important future arms not progress, but it's better than risking further injury and permanent damage. Stephen Pryor is entertaining to watch. I don't get to watch him anymore.

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