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Mike Morse claimed on waivers by Orioles, Morales staying

Mike Morse has been placed on waivers and claimed by the Orioles, where the two sides will attempt to hammer out a trade for his services. Kendrys Morales was also claimed, but the Mariners passed on a deal.

Otto Greule Jr

The Orioles have been busy looking for another bat, and today they've been awarded the claim on Mike Morse.

It doesn't mean much until it actually means something, but now you know that Mike Morse is only playing for one of two teams for the rest of the season. The Orioles actually won a claim on Josh Willingham earlier this morning, so they're just grabbing every corner outfield/DH bat in sight and hoping they can swing a reasonable deal to acquire one of them.

The Mariners probably won't get much of anything in return for Morse given that there's a month left in the season, but if he's not a part of their 2014 plans, they could deal him for whatever they can get.

Kendrys Morales was claimed on waivers, but the Mariners yanked him back after not being able to get a deal done. The whole post-deadline trade waiver process is a wonderful exercise in "why not" and the Mariners presumably asked for a nice bounty and got quickly denied.

Maybe the Mariners will trade Mike Morse. Maybe they won't. This doesn't mean much of anything at all until it actually means something, but this is your informative post. Speculate away and start scouring the Orioles farm system for C-level relief prospects, because that's the kind of return the Mariners would get.

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