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59-73: Chart

In Safeco Field, ball hits you.

the last man on earth starring henry blanco
the last man on earth starring henry blanco
Otto Greule Jr


1967 Philadelphia 76ers: Raul Ibanez (.023 WPA)

1973 Philadelphia 76ers: Felix Hernandez (-.397 WPA)

Sometimes when I'm reading through the game thread, I press z a lot to try and scroll through the unread comments. Nothing happens, and I scroll down only to find that the message form has been filled with "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." I always delete it, of course. Today, I debated leaving it.


1. Be honest. When did you stop paying full attention?

2. Are you worried about Felix?

3. Taijuan Walker: Too early? A foolish decision? Surface frustration blanketing inner excitement?

4. What service/platform do you use to listen to music?