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8/27: Open Game Thread

Hisashi Iwakuma Vs. Derek Holland

Otto Greule Jr


If the Mariners score 3 or more runs tonight they will surpass the season total of the 2010 team. That team was the worst.

The Mariners, at 3.93 runs per game are on pace to score 619 runs this year. Last year's total? 619. But, ya know, dingers and such.

They will have to pick up the pace substantially to even reach that sub-standard level. Over their past 30 games the team is averaging 3.46 runs per. Raul Ibanez ran out of unicorn blood, Nick Franklin cratered, Mike Zunino's stupid hand broke and in general the last month has been a slog.

On a more positive note AOHAD returns to playing baseball tonight, batting 2nd and catching down in Tacoma. I am thrilled to get another chance to watch him play this year.

Like a true imbecile Franklin Gutierrez' return sparks the faintest of hopes in me that maybe this is the time he stays healthy. The team is almost certain to not exercise his 2014 option at $7.5 million. But like Erik Bedard in 2011 I wonder if Guti and the Mariners may just need each other enough to work out a small salary, 1 year deal.

The team is in need of multiple outfielders for next year and while no one would count on him as an everyday player his skills tempt me enough to consider the thought of him in a platoon role\late inning defensive substitute\4th outfielder situation. Yesterday he made it through two diving attempts without injury, doubling his total from his last time with the team. Things are trending in the right direction.


Seattle Mariners

Brad Miller - 2B
Franklin Gutierrez - RF
Kyle Seager - 3B
Kendrys Morales - DH
Justin Smoak - 1B
Michael Morse - LF
Dustin Ackley - CF
Humberto Quintero - C
Brendan Ryan - SS

Hisashi Iwakuma - P

Texas Rangers

Leonys Martin - CF
Elvis Andrus - SS
Ian Kinsler - 2B
Adrian Beltre - 3B
A.J. Pierzynski - C
Alex Rios - RF
Mitch Moreland - 1B
Jurickson Profar - DH
David Murphy - LF

Derek Holland - P

(Unrelated: Today is blogged god Scott Weber's 30th birthday. Scott took over LL during an absolutely crazy time and has been a rock. He's just totally kicked ass and I'm grateful to him for it. He won't read this since, hopefully, he's quite drunk right now. But happy birthday Scott, may all your packs be never opened/mint condition.)