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59-70: Mariners Play One Game Baseball Tournament, Earn Silver

Mariners get second place in a game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, also known as The Angels Angels of Anaheim. Ackley dingers.

Otto Greule Jr

Greenlake is an amazing place. There's nothing inherently special about it. There are a lot of lakes in Washington, a lot of walking trails, a lot of walking trails around lakes, and a lot of green water filled with bacteria and dead catfish.

But something about Greenlake makes it special, and one of my favorite things about Greenlake is the way that you can catch random snippets of other people's conversations as they walk the opposite direction:

  • "But then he didn't call me. I think he…"
  • "It was like… totally like… you know…"
  • "…that guy. I mean, of COURSE the elephant had breadsticks..."
  • "I think that white guy is staring at me…"
  • "… so then he said, your fajita's in the sink…"

It's fun to try to figure out what the conversation was, how intelligent the speaker is, and sometimes even create full conversations based on what they share, almost like they're each telling a line of a story.

I bring this up today because unfortunately I missed like all of this game. I asked Scott if he wanted another recap done. He said, "Sunday," I said "Great!" and then it ends up that I had to move last minute and wasn't able to see the game or take notes. Instead, with the radio on I heard what I could while moving boxes and furniture and tried to piece together what happened:

  • "… 1 to nothing on Ackley's 2nd home run of the year…"
  • "…it's now the Angels 4, and the Mariners 1…"
  • "…Seager..."
  • "…Seager…"
  • "… 7 to one now, Mark Trumbo…"
  • "Now we move on to the 8th inning…"

That's pretty much it. I also only have 10 minutes to write this whole recap. I asked Scott if I could write the recap because I wanted to write a great post, and instead I'm going to turn in the worst recap in the history of Lookout Landing. Sorry about that. To the dots!

  • I was able to pay so little attention to this game that when I started the radio I didn't realize that I had been listening to the first three innings in Spanish.
  • Last time I wrote a recap someone I respect told me that it was too negative. So this one is going to be all positive.
  • Ackley hit is second home run of the year, which is great to see from someone whose previous success was somewhat powerless. Also, he got to stick it to Nathan Bishop, and I think we can all agree that he needs to be taken down a peg.
  • Now is when I would point to the top 3 comments in the gamethread except the gamethread had 60 comments total, which I believe makes it the smallest gamethread in Lookout Landing History. Still, thank you to those that showed up. My apologies that I am unable to link to you due to the rush, but I am positive your comments were great.
  • Kyle Seager is slumping, but he still manages to get some hard hits, walks, and more in the interim. I'm not personally worried. I don't know if you are. you may share so in the comments.
  • Mark Trumbo is a guy I want on the Mariners mostly because his name is Mark Trumbo. He is also silly strong and reminds me of a what I expect a privileged and talented Carlos Peguero to be.
  • Brad Miller had another hit today. I feel like he gets a hit every game, and every time I look at his numbers I'm shocked they're as low as they are. I have a feeling he's going to be something special.
  • Aaron Harang did not do well, but I think that's okay. He is a placeholder, and soon his place will be over and a place filler will be... re-placed... in.. .his place. I am really, really short on time.
The Mariners are doing poorly, and the talk radio that came on after them seemed to discuss their current woes as though they were hopeless. While I freely admit that I don't have much faith in the front office, the one thing that I do not feel about this team is hopelessness. These are a lot of likable players and Ackley, and for the first time in several years and/or the start of 2012, this is a group of players I could at least see myself happy to root for, no matter how they do.



Bacon: Dustin Ackley  .146

Tofurky: Aaron Harang  -.433