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Julio Morban breaks his leg

Julio Morban broke his leg sliding into second last night, and he'll miss what's left of Jackson's season.


This is unfortunate. Julio Morban, one of the better outfield prospects in the Mariners system, broke his leg last night playing in Mobile. Morban slid into second base, and according to Generals broadcaster Chris Harris, screamed in pain immediately.

Morban has struggled with injuries throughout his minor league career, but the season is almost over for the Generals.  Morban had a .295/.362/.468 line this year, but had declined quite a bit throughout the course of the season, struggling mightily with strikeouts (29.1 K%). Despite that, he had been Jackson's second best hitter, behind Ji-Man Choi.

Rick Randall ranked Morban as having the 5th best tools in the Mariners farm system in Sunday's prospect chat. He said this about Morban:

He has THE 2 biggest "ifs" in plate discipline and health. But he has everything else. Also has the attitude that could make him a superstar.

This won't do anything to help his injury-plagued reputation, so the two questions still remain. I hope he makes his way up to Tacoma in 2014.