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50-59: Chart

The Mariners beat the Orioles by a score of 12-1 behind dominant pitching. Haha, wait, of course not.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports


Five dollar bill in your old wintercoat's pocket: Kendrys Morales (.206 WPA)

The moth holes covering said coat because it was in the back of your closet for years: Aaron Harang (-.430 WPA)


1. Who is your favorite non-Mariners baseball writer?

2.Is A-rod's impending "lifelong suspension" an overreach by the league? A good way to combat future steroid use? Exacerbating the problem? Something we all are rolling our eyes at and probably shouldn't be talking about but kind of secretly relish at the whole thing because it's Alex Rodriguez?

3. I just bought a new watch. I haven't worn a watch in like 15 years, since I was a kid and had some cool calculator watch with a flashlight and a bunch of other useless shit built into it. But I can't help feeling like it's somewhat pointless to put it on every day, as I always have my phone with me and can check the time there. Is there an appropriate utility for someone under the age of 57 to wear just a straightforward wrist watch? Or am I worrying about nothing at all?

4. You can tell I'm trying my hardest to think of questions that have nothing to do with the last couple of days of Mariners baseball. I just wrote 95 words on a baseball blog about my watch. Some users are movied-out, music-ed out, and tv-ed out for these questions. At the end of Jeff and Matthew's newest podcast, they threw around some possible closing topics for future discussion: what would you like to see here for discussion starters at the end of our charts?