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Mariners farm system chat

Stop by and start getting your questions in the queue for a chat hosted by Rick Randall in which he'll cover the players and performances in the Seattle Mariners minor leagues.

Ask questions about Peterson or any other Mariners' minor leaguer
Ask questions about Peterson or any other Mariners' minor leaguer
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Starting at 5pm today (Sunday, August 18th), Rick Randall will be answering any and all (hopefully) questions about the Seattle Mariners farm system for the Lookout Landing community.

We're hoping to be able to keep this thread pretty clean so that it can be used for future reference, so please try to avoid getting into too many sidebar conversations and please don't try to get in answers to questions others have posted before the chat officially starts. Once the chat is completed conversation among the users is encouraged (and Rick will try and continue to chime in).

A few guidelines/tips:

  • Up until 5pm, maximum of 2 questions per poster. If the volume allows for it after the chat has started then you can add in questions at the end, but make sure you aren't hogging the thread please.
  • Don't get the thread off track - stay on topic and don't try and answer ahead of time before Rick can address, please.
  • Try not to have questions that would involve entire posts to answer - think rapid fire Q&A.
  • Keep it on the Mariners. Questions about other teams' minor leagues will have a lot of, "I don't know," answers.
  • Rick can answer some questions on foreign rookie league guys, but obviously he hasn't a chance to see them.
That should do it. Looking forward to doing this, and if it works out well perhaps we'll do more in the future.

Rick Randall contributes a bi-weekly column on the top prospect happenings in the Mariners system for Lookout Landing. Rick's in-depth daily detailed work on the ups and downs in the Mariners' minor leagues can be found at