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8/17: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez vs. Adrian Beltre and some other Texas Rangers

Otto Greule Jr

Tonight it's Felix vs. Martin Perez in Arlington, and oh does it feel good.

The Rangers are unfortunately trotting another lefty out tonight in Perez, and while the M's got lucky late yesterday, the damage didn't come until Holland was pulled. Michael Morse gets the start in RF as a result, and with Nick Franklin getting a day off, the Mariners are about as right-handed as they can get with Brendan Ryan starting at short.

Nobody knows what's going to happen with Ryan this year or next, and as he passed through waivers, it seems pretty unlikely that any contenders would want to pick him up in a late season deal. Brendan Ryan is one of my all-time favorite Mariners, and I had prepared myself all season to let him go, because I knew it was only a matter of time--and I would still rather start Brad Miller over the guy. Whether or not he sticks around on a cheap deal next year or heads for greener pastures, it's pretty exciting to be able to get just a few more barehanded catch-and-release throws out of the guy. Especially with Felix on the mound.

In other interesting but not related news, Jesus Sucre's is off the DL and has returned to Tacoma from Arizona. It will be interesting to see what happens here, especially if Mike Zunino remains on pace to beat his scheduled return.


P. Felix Hernandez (R)