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8/16: Open Game Thread

RHP Hisashi Iwakuma v. LHP Derek Holland.

my reaction as well
my reaction as well
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mariners baseball. When a giant spider crawls under your couch before you can reach it and you wonder if it's going to come out the next day: Mariners baseball. When the kid at the school playground gives your kid a little too hard of a shove playing soccer but you can't really complain about it to the attendant: Mariners baseball. When you twist your ankle and you have to go down a flight of stairs and any one of those could make you step wrong and hurt it all over again: Mariners baseball. When you can't tell if that grape you just ate was actually good or not


1 B. Miller, SS 1 L. Martin, CF
2 N. Franklin, 2B 2 E. Andrus, SS
3 K. Seager, 3B 3 I. Kinsler, 2B
4 K. Morales, DH 4 A. Beltre, 3B
5 M. Morse, RF 5 A. Pierzynski, C
6 R. Ibanez, LF 6 A. Rios, RF
7 J. Smoak, 1B 7 M. Moreland, 1B
8 D. Ackley, CF 8 J. Profar, DH
9 H. Quintero, C 9 D. Murphy, LF
H. Iwakuma, SP D. Holland, SP

What should you care about? You should care about Hisashi Iwakuma, who for all that worrying around the All-Star break, has already produced twice as much value as he's being paid this season. You should care about Raul Ibanez, who now trails Ted Williams by a scant four home runs among the 41-and-over set. You should care about Mike Morse, because somebody has to.

You should care because independently of previous baseball games, this should be a very good baseball game. You like baseball, right? This is the sort of baseball you'll enjoy. Enjoy it.