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55-65: Chart

The Mariners fall back to 10 games under .500 with a 7-1 loss to the Rays on Thursday.. I don't want to type the first half of that sentence anymore.

well then
well then
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


(photo cred: Frank Domahs)

Wish You Were Here: Raul Ibanez (.084 WPA)

The Final Cut: Joe Saunders (-.328 WPA)

It could be worse, really. I mean, we could be looking at our best season since 1994, stuck behind the best team in the American League and watching our one time best prospect in all of baseball catapult a different team to the first Wild Card Spot, realizing that there really isn't a plan and this whole sell for today thing just might sink the whole boat.

Questions to ponder:

1. Which could-have-been Mariners prospect do you wish you could rewrite history for? David Ortiz? Adam Jones? Someone else?

2. We talked a little about Felix's perfecto in the game thread. If you didn't there, tell us what you did that day--or your favorite moment from the game.

3. Ice cubes in non-water drinks: yay or nay?

4. Thoughts on this whole instant replay business?