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40-49: Chart

That was fun.

fancy seeing you here
fancy seeing you here

Chart-5 (thanks to Q Lazzarus for the image)

A phoenix, reborn: Michael Saunders (.157 WPA)

An emu with one leg: Jason Bay (-.121 WPA)


1. How do you feel about blowout games like this, fun, or boring by the sixth inning? Can you get excited about who is hitting, or does your brain automatically assume it's a pitching meltdown?

2. The Mariners are 11-3 while wearing their teal uniforms this year. There were rumors they might be lost next year for a turn to a creme-colored home jersey with gold accents. Thoughts on the teal? Keep? Toss? The key to bringing the M's to .500?

3. Tonight was fun, but where do you think Montero fits with all this? What happens if the M's extend Kendrys?

4. Thursday: Beavan or Erasmo?