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38-49: Chart

What a mess.

Joe Robbins


Jeremy Bonderman: Jeremy Bonderman (-.470 WPA)

Not Jeremy Bonderman: Kyle Seager (.133 WPA)

Welp. Jeremy Bonderman finally pitched that indisputably awful game that everyone was waiting for. What wasn't so expected was seeing the rest of the team jump on the train with him.


1. Bonderman: Gone? One more start? Not what you would do, what the M's are going to do.

2. Should Iwakuma pitch in the All-Star game? He can opt-in to be available if he chooses.

3. Did Raul Ibanez get snubbed from the All-Star game? Had he been doing all of this in New York, does he get selected?

4. What is everyone doing to enjoy the nice week of summer ahead of us?