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7/6: Open Game Thread

Jeremy Bonderman vs. Mat Latos

Jamie Sabau

The Mariners look to take game 2 from the Reds in Cincinnati today, with a game time of 1:10 PST. Apparently it's raining pretty hard over there, but everything is still expected to go on as planned.

I really don't want to think about Jeremy Bonderman right now, so I'm going to look at some other things in the Mariners lineup for today. Brad Miller is hitting leadoff again! This is exciting, and I hope it's a sign of things to come. Nick Franklin is out with a swollen knee, and all reports say he should be back in a couple of days, which is great news, and hopefully, the last we hear about it. Miller has slotted over to cover him, and Brendan Ryan gets the start at SS.

Eric Wedge has gone with a lefty heavy lineup today against Mat Latos, who is having a great year pitching in the National League Central. His platoon splits don't really look like anything to write home about: Lefties are hitting .239, Righties are at .241, but his .wOBA between the two is a little more indicative of what he does on the mound (L .317, R .276). Marc has a great post at USS Mariner going into this with a bit more detail about Latos' splits, his pitch selection against LHB, and what we should expect from this afternoon's game.