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7/5: Open game thread

M's make their first-ever trip to Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati for a 3 game series with the Reds.

when all else fails, just put the old uniform back on
when all else fails, just put the old uniform back on
Greg Fiume

It's funny how you can think you know somebody when you don't actually know them at all. I had a good friend at work who asked if he could borrow my expensive camera once, and I think you can guess where this story is going. This is a story about Aaron Harang.

It's not that I dislike Aaron Harang, it's that I don't really care one way or the other. He isn't going to be a part of this team's future, and he has a really awful goatee thing that I try to ignore by crossing my eyes when they show his face on my television. I don't particularly enjoy watching him pitch, but I don't shudder like I do when You Know Who takes the mound. Harang has been known as a strikeout pitcher, but he is far from dominant or threatening. But he also has 2 complete games and has been worth more WAR than Joe Saunders this year (.7 to .2, fangraphs).

I'm sure Aaron Harang is an excellent human being. He has won a bunch of those off-the-field awards from MLB and the BBWAA, and people over at Red Reporter sound generally excited to see him pitch again. But I don't know. When I hear "Aaron Harang" I just see a large-sized male human being wearing a Mariners uniform and think "gee, look, there is a human being who is also a baseball player." But who knows. Maybe we'll get another complete game, maybe he'll get shelled. I wouldn't be surprised at both.

In other news, Brad Miller is leading off for the Mariners tonight, and that's kind of weird. Michael Saunders is back after hurting his finger a couple days ago, and once again, the Ackley in the Outfield experiment continues.

What does everyone think of interleague games? Evil bastardization of America's pastime? Fun break on the monotony of a repetitious 162-game season? Just another dumb baseball game?