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37-48: Chart

The Mariners fail to sweep the Rangers; the sun rises, the sun also sets.

here take this whatever
here take this whatever
Layne Murdoch Jr.


Jack Ryan: Raul Ibanez (.417 WPA)

That goofy looking bad guy from Air Force One: Henry Blanco (-.294 WPA)

It was a bitter and grisly back and forth between the Mariners and Rangers all game. Dingers, small ball, and a Mariners' pitching meltdown led to a 9th inning 2-out single by Endy Chavez to keep hope alive. And then Eric Wedge sent a Canadian to the plate on the 4th of July and guess what happened. The Mariners lost to the accursed Texas Rangers with a score of 4-5.


1. Assuming you didn't watch the game and logged on to see this unfortunate chart, how did you spend your July 4th?

2. I hate the Texas Rangers. I love Kyle Seager, but watching Adrian Beltre play for Nolan Ryan's stupid team just pisses me off. They are from a part of the country that I really can't stand, I hate hearing them play the song from The Natural after one of their dumb idiots hits a home run, and David Murphy looks exactly like that asshole that beat me up in fourth grade and grew up to make millions of dollars playing baseball because he's from Texas and always got what he wanted in life. What franchises are your least favorite? Who do you despise for no reason, and who brings you into the golden halls of schadenfreude when you see them lose?

3. In the bottom of the disastrous 7th inning, Brendan Ryan saved a run with a force-out throw to home, and I realized then and there that it might have been one of the last, great Brendan Ryan Mariner moments I ever get to see again. But at the same time, I'm so, so ready for Brad Miller, and can't wait to see what the guy can do. How will you remember Brendan Ryan, and where do you think he is going to end up?

4. How does everyone feel about falling short for an NHL team?