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50-56: Chart


Jared Wickerham


A box of screwdrivers from your grandparents sitting in your closet that might come in handy someday: Kendrys Morales (.085 WPA)

Expired Tang: Joe Saunders (-.324 WPA)

The Mariners fell 8-2 to the Boston Red Sox Today. They had a little surge at the end, but what would a Mariners game be without drawing out the inevitable?


1. Lets say the M's roster stays the same after the trade deadline. How would you like to see the outfield situation handled?

2. Favorite trade deadline memory? Yeah, I'm stretching a bit here. Give me a break, if you drink enough alcohol it starts to mix with your blood, and baseball news today hasn't exactly been multifaceted or anything.

3. I know nothing about football. If you could convince me to watch and enjoy the Seahawks season this year in under ten words, how would you do it?