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Podcast Episode 7 with Scott Weber, Logan Davis, Nathan Bishop, and Patrick Dubuque

It's the Lookout Landing podcast - now with video!


Meet the staff! This week's Lookout Landing podcast was recorded using Google Hangouts, you can can go for the audio as usual, or you can watch our ugly mugs blabber on incessantly right in front of your own eyes.

In this episode (from left to right) Logan Davis, Nathan Bishop, Patrick Dubuque, and Scott Weber discuss the trade deadline, their favorite pieces of Mariners memorabilia, punching the Mariner Moose in the face, Nick Franklin, and more.

Here's the video:

As always, the Lookout Landing podcast is available on iTunes or you can stream it here or download the file directly.

Direct Link: LL Podcast Episode 7

Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast Episode 7">

Music by The Headphones and Erica Freas.