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37-47: Chart

Kyle Seager: boss.

Rick Yeatts


The Mariners led, they went down, they battled back, they won.

It was a close game in which I was waiting for something bad to happen. Something bad did happen in the fifth when Felix gave up two home runs, but that feeling of impending doom quickly evaporates when Kyle Seager is involved. It's clear now, Seager he is "The Man" for the Mariners going forward, and tonight he won the game with a two-run jack in the top of the 10th.

Couple questions to ponder as we throw the recap together:

  • For Mariners fans who I assume to be also Seahawks fans, but bigger M's fans: if you had to choose one, which surprisingly great player would you rather have, Seager or Russell Wilson?
  • Felix and Beltre have the best friendly rivalry in baseball. Who do you wish had a similar rivalry?
  • Bottle rockets+pipe=bazooka. I won't be held liable, but you should try this if you have a place to do so safely. Discuss?
  • How are you feeling about 2013 Mariners 2.0? And if we sweep?
  • What are you drinking? What should people be drinking tomorrow?