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A smattering of Nick Franklin tidbits

Nick Franklin has been awesome so far. Let's look at some of that awesomeness.

Yeah, we're pretty stoked, too, Nick.
Yeah, we're pretty stoked, too, Nick.
Otto Greule Jr

If I were to ask you about your excitement level for Nick Franklin right now compared to, oh, say, Dustin Ackley when the former second baseman was a rookie, you might tell me you've become more excited for 'ol Double Flaps. In fact, some people did, because I asked the question on Twitter last night and the results were unanimous: You're more excited for Franklin.

Now, obviously, the entirety of the Lookout Landing community didn't respond to my inquiry. I only have 577 followers! So, I'm going off a small sample here. Regardless, excitement is pretty high, plus short term memories and all that. Whether you're like me and remember being all jump-up-and-down excited for Ackley or not, the stats are giving plenty reason for us all to now hone our attention in on Franklin.

So, then, here's a little collection of neat-o stats involving Nick Franklin.

One note: The Baseball-Reference Play Index currently only goes back to 1916, so there's a chance this isn't completely accurate. But there's also a chance that I will stop drinking this beer. Chances aren't certainties!

Amongst second baseman, through their first 52 career games, all-time...

  • T-2 in home runs (10) with Jason Kipnis, trailing only Joe "Flash" Gordon (11).
    * Kipnis collected seven in 2011 and three in 2012. Franklin, obviously, has done it in his first season.
  • T-5 in RBI (32) with Dario Lodigiani, trailing leaders Gordon and Tony Lazzeri (46).
  • Tied for the most (4) interleague home runs with Michael Young.
    * Both did it in their first 11 interleague games during that initial 52 overall game span.
    ** Franklin is T-3 all time amongst all position players, trailing leader Kevin Mench (6).
  • 6th in slugging percentage at .495.
  • Has 12 doubles, a deceptive T-26 standing since the leader -- Adam Kennedy -- had 17.
  • Has only grounded into one double play. The worst was 10 by Ken Hubbs.
  • The M's are 27-25 in game's he's played. They were 21-29 before his arrival.

Amongst switch-hitting second basemen, through their first 52 career games, all time...

  • Has the most HR and RBI.
    * Obviously, most of that (9/27) has come batting left-handed.
  • Has the most dingers (6) on the road.
  • Tied for the most (4) homers at his home park with Roberto Alomar and Al Glossop.

Amongst Florida born second basemen, in first major league season, all time...

  • Has the most homers. Who is second? Mariners interim manager Robby Thompson (7).
  • Thompson had the most RBI (47), but played in 149 games. The M's have 57 more games for Franklin to collect 16 RBI to surpass Thompson.
  • Thompson also had the most walks (42) and strikeouts (112). Franklin will hopefully catch his stand-in Skipper in one, but oh my wow I hope not the other.

Bonus tidbits...

  • The Mariners are the first team to have both a rookie shortstop and second baseman -- in their first 52 respective games -- to each have a two homer game in same season. Franklin, you may remember, has done it twice this season while Brad Miller has done it once.
  • In 1945, Yankees OF Russ Derry and C Aaron Robinson each had two separate two-homer games while each still in their respective first 52 career games. However, neither were in their first major league season. Robinson played one game in 1943, spent 1944 serving in World War II and then played 50 games in 1945. Derry debuted and played in 38 games in 1944. Brad Miller has 26 games for he and his double play partner to match the feat.

I'm going to have dreams about Nick Franklin and his statistics if I don't stop, so I gather I'll call this good for now. Some of these are super granular. I realize this. I hope you are as entertained by this stuff being available to us as I am.