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7/27: Open Game Thread

Aaron Harang vs. Samuel Deduno

ever the mystery man
ever the mystery man
Jeff Gross

Well today there is a baseball game that will be played in the city of Seattle, and unless you are at Safeco in person, you probably won't get to see the game. Thanks to a scheduling concession the Mariners made with the City of Seattle that moved the game up to 1:10 from 7, ROOT wont be carrying it, as it moves to FOX by default. But FOX isn't carrying it either, so your options are either (though my money says it will still be blacked out) or radio.

There are stories about baseball broadcasts back in the days of radio, when 'announcers' would get play-by-play ticker tape updates fed to them in a studio, then narrate their own game aided by sound effects to simulate a ballpark atmosphere. Who's to say today's game will even happen? Who's to say Humberto Quintero is going to get his first start as a Mariner behind the plate? Is Michael Saunders actually getting a day off? Is Endy Chavez really starting in right field? The rest of us may never know.

Thankfully the Twins have a righty on the mound, so the Mariners may be able to pick up some of the offense that was sorely lacking in last night's game. And with Aaron Harang on the mound, literally anything could happen, so at the very least, this should be entertaining.


P. Aaron Harang (R)