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Asking Brad Miller questions on Twitter

Otto Greule Jr

Brad Miller is a guy who currently plays baseball for the Seattle Mariners and I think it's safe to say that everyone loves him. He's a once unheralded prospect who seemingly came out of nowhere to surprise and contribute while playing a premium defensive position and not wearing batting gloves and why am I telling you this you already know all of it this is a Seattle Mariners blog.

So Miller is understandably a popular player and as such, is being promoted by the team in a number of ways. The most recent being on the team's Twitter page, where fans have been tasked with submitting their best questions to the talented baseballer in hopes that Aaron Goldsmith will select said questions for asking on the next Mariners Social Soud Off. I have no earthly idea what a Mariners Social Sound Off is, but I refuse to research such a thing because I have standards.

I'm still quite smitten that Brad Miller's nickname is Sergio Millar. It's ridiculous in the most baseball way possible. One day Miller's college teammates started calling him Sergio and that was that. Now he's Sergio. So there you go. It's so much better than B-Rod or an awkward inclusion of the suffix "-y" to the end of either of his names.

Miller's nickname has paved the way for his Twitter handle has paved the the way for a Twitter hashtag. Fans of the Mariners are to use the hashtag to ask questions. Their best questions. In the spirit of participation, I would like to list a few of my own. I considered asking a few of my worst and most mediocre questions, but thanks to the prompt I've surrendered that notion. You are encouraged to submit your own queries in the comments.

Do you want to come over and play Nintendo? #AskSergio

How does dirt taste? Does it taste good or bad? #AskSergio

Can you please start hanging out with Dustin Ackley more? #AskSergio

Is professional baseball a worthy distraction from the incessant gnaw of your own mortality, or in the quiet moments do you let the terror consume you? #AskSergio

The Oxford comma: Ludicrous grammatical bluster or acceptable clarifying flourish? #AskSergio

Does Tony live or die at the end of the Sopranos? #AskSergio

Everyone on the team hates Kelly Shoppach, right? #AskSergio

All-time favorite Stephen Tobolowsky role? #AskSergio

Are you going to leave us? #AskSergio

Please don't leave us. #AskSergio

We like you. #AskSergio

What is your home address? #AskSergio