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A poll on winning and expectations of future winning

A check up on where your expectations stand with the Mariners.

Look at these beautiful, unstoppable bastards
Look at these beautiful, unstoppable bastards
Otto Greule Jr

Here's some facts:

The Mariners currently have a 47.4% winning percentage in 99 games.

During the true 1st half (81 games) of the season the Mariners had a winning percentage of 43.4%

Since the debut of the Seager-Smoak-Franklin-Miller-Zunino infield (18 games) the Mariners winning percentage is 66.7%.

We have a much larger sample size of the 2013 Mariners being bad than being good.

The Mariners have 47 wins and 63 chances left to get more.

Fan confidence is definitely rising with the current hot streak but this is Lookout Landing. Our Patron Saint is Pythagoras. Our god, regression. You all know how hot streaks work, how they end and what the law of averages says about where this team is headed.

But we are not beholden to projections! The future of these Mariners has yet to written and it is they, not some computers that shall decide their fate. What say you readers? Are these Mariners headed for miraculous deeds? The barren wasteland of 17 game losing streaks? Please vote in the below poll and remember, this is for science.