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47-52: Chart

The win streak continues at 7. Yeah, I'm talking about The Seattle Mariners. No, really.

this is the man. the baseball man.
this is the man. the baseball man.
Otto Greule Jr


Took the training wheels off: Mike Zunino (.241 WPA)

Spaghetti-o's on his face: Justin Smoak (-.130 WPA)

I don't know when this is going to end. Probably tomorrow. But let's just bask in all this glory for one more night: The Mariners have won 7 games in a row and are 5 wins away from .500.


1. Who do you send down when Michael Morse comes back?

2. Favorite Mariner on the team, right now, July 22nd 2013?

3. High socks/Low pant legs. Preference?

4. With the exception of Chief Wahoo, I've always really enjoyed Cleveland's non cursive uniforms- they have a nice balance between the traditional look and a sleeker, modern aesthetic. Who has your favorite non-Mariner uniform in the league?