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7-21: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez vs Jordan Lyles


Today the Seattle Mariners look to take the series from the Houston Astros, and in doing so, nab their second consecutive sweep of the season. Felix Hernandez takes the mound for the Mariners and will be caught by Henry Blanco. Remember Henry Blanco? Heh.

In other news, the lineup still looks quite familiar as Eric Wedge has either figured out something that works, or is afraid to mess with what looks like luck. In either case, its pretty nice to see something this consistent come out of the clubhouse for once. And if we're on the theme of consistency, let's hope Felix can have a similar outing as his last against these Astros, with 6 IP, 5 H, 0 R, and 9 K's.

Jordan Lyles: The Astros are doing their part by putting out another pitcher with weird numbers that is going to either totally surprise you or look silly. The career Astro is putting up a SIERA of 4.07 with an xFIP of 4.08, but is actually having a 1.2 WAR season by keeping the ball in the park with a low home run rate and good ground ball percentage. His best game of the season came in June against the Mariners, where he struck out 10 and had only 3 hits over 7 innings of shutout baseball. But these aren't the same Mariners Jordan Lyles faced in June. I mean, the team's roster is relatively the same, and I might be embellishing with a rhetorical device here, but look: last time he faced Alex Liddi, Brendan Ryan, and Jason Bay. Today he doesn't have the same luxury. And this time, the King's on the mound.

That said, these are the games that always seem to implode on the M's, so here's to actually pulling this off and playing some good baseball before we face the Indians again. Remember what happened last time we played the Indians? No, wait. Don't. Let's not think about that.


P. Felix Hernandez

P. Jordan Lyles (R)