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6/20: Open Game Thread

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Erik Bedard

hi. hi. hi. hi there. hi.
hi. hi. hi. hi there. hi.
Mike Ehrmann

The 2013 Seattle Mariners have won 4 games in a row. It is a season record. Tonight, they look to extend that streak to 5 games by taking on the worst team in baseball and Erik Bedard, who I like to pretend doesn't exist until the Mariners face him, and then I forget about him until the next game. It's not that I hate the guy--he was alright with the M's back in 2008 and 9, and he is a Canadian Francophone, which is kind of cool for a baseball player, I guess. But now he pitches for the Astros and holy crap this game is going to take 4 hours.

Jason Bay moves into right today, pushing Michael Saunders into center to either give Dustin Ackley a day off or to maximize the platoon split against Bedard. Hopefully Iwakuma can keep those fly balls in the park and return to his early season form.

Anyway, here's to win #5 and some good baseball. Onward!


P. Hisashi Iwakuma (R)