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Seattle Mariners trade rumors, 7/17/13

Another update on the hot stove which isn't really hot but some teams are thinking about having some tea and perhaps they'll need to boil the water eventually.

this is shameless and i'm sorry
this is shameless and i'm sorry
Dilip Vishwanat

It's been pretty quiet since last week's update, but there's a few things to pass along from various writers who are in the know, or at least we think they are. We really don't know anything, but there's an assumption that they probably do, and that's why rumor mongering is fun and silly at the same time. To the rumors!

  • Jon Heyman lists Raul Ibanez, Joe Saunders, and Kendrys Morales as prime trade targets that teams will be interested in, and cites the recent success of Joe Saunders as something that will help his value, as well as make him a more likely candidate to be moved. Last week, Heyman said the Mariners were hesitant to start dealing, but it seems obvious that the reality of their situation will force them to move at least one of these pieces.
  • In the same article, Heyman also touches on the Rays once again in regards to Morales and Ibanez, and speculates the Yankees and Rangers could both be interested. The Yankees are connected to Mariner hitters left and right given their hole at 1st base, but this is the first time I've seen the Rangers mentioned as a possibility. Lance Berkman hasn't been good (.252/.355/.377) so there's a need for production more than there's room for another 1B/DH.
  • Jonathan Bernhardt suggests in his NL 2nd half preview on Sports on Earth that the Cardinals might want to try and get Brendan Ryan back from Seattle in the post LaRussa-era. Here's what he says:

The best idea for the Cardinals might be to try to get Brendan Ryan back from the Seattle Mariners on the cheap. He's been just as bad as Peter Kozma at the plate, but he's still a wizard at short and might benefit from moving out of Safeco Field.

  • Here's a final exercise in how desperate you are for trade rumors, because it's about to get super flimsy.

That's about it right now. Outside of the constant rumblings about Matt Garza, it's been a very quiet July, and with two weeks left to go, there's a pretty good chance this could be a quiet trade deadline for all teams, not just the Mariners. There's been very little reported about Mike Morse or Joe Saunders, and the guys least likely to be dealt (Morales and Ibanez) are getting the most buzz. At this point, I'd put good money on Perez getting dealt, but wouldn't bet on anybody else being close to certain. A lot can change in a few days, so all of this is probably pointless, but rumors!

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