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Mariners make flurry of moves, send Erasmo Ramirez to Everett, Blake Beavan to Tacoma, recall LaFromboise and Noesi

A strange but smart move involving Erasmo Ramirez. Plus, Chance Ruffin is awful, gets promoted.

see you soon
see you soon
Jeff Gross

Erasmo Ramirez is going to Everett.

It's unconventional and a bit weird, but makes a lot of sense. The Mariners only have three games until the All-Star break, and Ramirez is not scheduled to pitch. So instead of having him sit on his thumb for an extended period of time, the Mariners are shipping him up the road to Everett, where he can get another start during the break.

Why isn't he going to Tacoma? A couple reasons. The organization has decided Chance Ruffin deserves a crack at AAA, and he has been called up to take Ramirez's spot. It's also the AAA All-Star break at the same time, so Ramirez would have to wait until Thursday to start for the Rainiers, which defeats the whole purpose. Instead he'll head to Everett, where he can make a start on normal rest. It's a great idea for Ramirez to treat his Everett stint as a sort of extended Spring Training start, knowing his rotation spot isn't exactly in jeopardy. He can work on some of the issues he's had over the past few weeks of starts, mainly his command.

The other roster moves come as a result of the Red Sox gassing this team's bullpen, as The Raspberry and Noesi are called back up for "assistance" (read: we are losing so try not to give up more than three runs in the next - oh come on Hector) until the break, where things will probably go back to the way they were. It's a lot of little transactions for basically three days worth of games. Don't read too much into it.

The most interesting part about the transactions is the promotion of Chance Ruffin, who has managed to go from burnout reliever to a starter who was effective for a while, but isn't really anymore. Ruffin doesn't know how this is supposed to go. You're supposed to flame out as the starter, then revitalize your career as a reliever, much like Oliver Perez. Ruffin has instead flipped the script and it worked for a while, but the promotion comes at a weird time. Ruffin has allowed a 1.036 OPS against in Jackson over his past five starts, which led to "works for us, have a promotion!" Ruffin had a nice stretch in April and May where he was effective, but his crash has come hard and fast.

The Chance Ruffin Experiment sounds more like an REO Speedwagon cover band than it does a real thing, but it's going to continue for a while longer. It probably isn't going to work out, even if it sort of did for a while. Ruffin stopped walking people (2.42 BB/9) when he changed roles, but now he doesn't really strike many people out (6.28 K/9), even though his swinging strike % is a career high, at 77%. Ruffin's best attempt at survival now is to basically throw strikes and hope people don't hit them to hard, which they've started to. Now he moves to Tacoma, where it will probably only get worse.

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