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40-52: Chart

The Mariners decided to give Tuesday another shot, scoring early but falling comatose under Sox relief pitching. I'll let you finish this story in your head.

this is a man. a man who is not jeremy bonderman.
this is a man. a man who is not jeremy bonderman.
Stephen Brashear


An unexpected $10 class action lawsuit check in the mail: Endy Chavez (.201 WPA)

Hopefully not Jeremy Bonderman: Erasmo Ramirez (-.306 WPA)

Well, it's over. Thankfully. Thing is, the Red Sox are the second best team in all of baseball right now, so you have to give it to the M's for even putting up a fight. The good news is they face the Angels tomorrow: Ha! Remember the Angels? Slumping Josh Hamilton? Swept by the Astros at home? Yep, its about time for the Mariners to beat up on another awful team that has won only

/checks Angels record

...11 of their past 14 games. Oh. Well, here we go again.


1. Erasmo: Worried?

2. Have you ever been to a Mariners' game in another city? If so, did you quietly sit in your Felix jersey or, well, you know?

3. Who is the 2013 Mariners MVP so far? You can't say Raul.

4. Best movie you've seen all year?