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10/7/1995: ALDS Game 4 Game Thread

Game Thread for the Yankees at Mariners ALDS Game 4 at the Kingdome on October 7, 1995.

we miss you
we miss you
Otto Greule Jr

Yankees Mariners
Wade Boggs 3B Vince Coleman LF
Bernie Williams CF Joey Cora 2B
Paul O'Neill RF Ken Griffey Jr. CF
Ruben Sierra DH Edgar Martinez DH
Don Mattingly 1B Tino Martinez 1B
Dion James LF Jay Buhner RF
Mike Stanley C Mike Blowers 3B
Tony Fernandez SS Luis Sojo SS
Randy Velarde 2B Dan Wilson C

Yankees Mariners
Scott Kamieniecki, RHP Chris Bosio, RHP

All right, those of you with access to ROOT Sports: enjoy the game!

A quick question to spark things off: You're granted the power to pluck three players from the 1995 Yankees and Mariners rosters and transport them across time and space to the 2013 Mariners, at which point they become new starting players for these current M's. Which three do you take and why?