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6/9: Felix Day Game Thread

The Mariners look to tie the series with New York behind the molybdenum arm of Felix Hernandez.

pitch neck
pitch neck
Otto Greule Jr

It's morning again in America.


1 Brett Gardner CF 1 Jason Bay RF
2 Robinson Cano 2B 2 Nick Franklin 2B
3 Mark Teixeira 1B 3 Kyle Seager 3B
4 Travis Hafner DH 4 Kendrys Morales 1B
5 Vernon Wells LF 5 Raul Ibanez LF
6 Ichiro Suzuki RF 6 Kelly Shoppach C
7 Jayson Nix 3B 7 Michael Saunders CF
8 Reid Brignac SS 8 Alex Liddi 1B
9 Chris Stewart C 9 Brendan Ryan SS
David Phelps SP Felix Hernandez SP

Felix faces off today against David Phelps, who is so uninteresting that he's losing the search engine battle to this guy. Phelps is pretty symbolic for the success of this year's Yankees team. He spent three years in AAA looking like Cha Seung Baek, then arrived in the majors and has suddenly lost his control and started striking people out. He relies on the breaking ball, so it'll be up to the Mariners to both hope he can't place it and also not swing at it if he doesn't.

Kendrys Morales is thankfully back in the lineup after having to leave mid-game yesterday, but that doesn't prevent Alex Liddi, Future Past-Tense Mariner, from making a start at first base. I am starting to miss Justin Smoak. I am starting to miss the days when I did not have to miss Justin Smoak.

Nick Franklin is rewarded for his good behavior by being elevated to the second spot in the lineup, which is (lineup configuration doesn't matter).

On the Yankees' side, Jayson Nix continues to exist, and Poor Reid Brignac shames the pinstripes at shortstop. In half a season in 2010, Brignac was worth 1.3 WAR and served as an object of jealousy for depth-poor organizations nationwide. Since then, he's paid back that 1.3 with change, and plays below-average shortstop in the bargain. Other teams' prospects fail too, sometimes.

Lastly, some bittersweet news: Michael Pineda begins his rehab today, meaning that he's on pace to return with the Yankees in early July. Which is good for him, really.