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MLB Draft Open Thread: Day 2

Open thread for day 2 of the MLB Draft, airing at 10am PST on

Mike Stobe

Today's day 2 of the draft, where the picks really start flying in pretty fast and furious, though not as rapid as tomorrow will be. Today is rounds 3-10, and here are the best players the Mariners have ever drafted in those rounds, so that you can be wildly optimistic that every pick will work out in the same way. Some of them are actual Mariners, and some of them are not, and the criteria is entirely subjective and non-scientific so there.

Round 3: Phil Bradley. Kyle Seager will probably maybe take this spot at some point, but not yet.

Round 4: Jim Presley. We're already heavy on the 1987 Fleer set. Those cards had heat maps for hitters on the back and it had Pitch F/X type stuff on it to. Those cards were awesome. Here's the back of that card in question.

Round 5: Bret Boone. Note - this pick will only bust out if he frosts his tips, whoever it is. Until then, he will enjoy a solid, but unspectacular career. The tips give power, just ask Kevin Millar.

Round 6: Alvin Davis, who was sitting in as the Mariners representative yesterday.

Round 7: Doug Fister ughhhh

Round 8: Derek Lowe oh for fuck's sake

Less stupid Round 8: Willie Bloomquist, clutch hitting master. WFB.

Round 9: Steve Chitren, who never played for the Seattle Mariners. The other two options have a negative WAR, so Chitren wins by default. There's also Cavan Cohoes, the German kid drafted in 2011. Anyone know what happened to him? He played 2 professional games and disappeared.

Round 10: Bob Stoddard. I was alive for about 2 seconds of Stoddard's Mariners career, so there's that.

As you can see there are STARS* in every round, so don't sleep on this year's draft class!

*professional baseball players