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Checking Up on the Farm

A sampling of thoughts and observations from many of the players currently exploring the vast acreage of the Mariners' lower level affiliates.

A chicken
A chicken
Laurence Griffiths

Mike Zunino

"It's been interesting getting used to all of the equipment and all of the day-to-day responsibilities. Sometimes I think that it's just too much too fast, like I can't take it all and I'm not keeping up. But I'm doing my best, trying to learn each day. That mulch tiller can be pretty tricky, but I'm going to master it. I'll get it down. The spike harrow, too."

Jesus Montero

"Everyone always said that I wouldn't be able to stick with the job of milking cows. They said that I was too big, that my hands weren't quick enough. I was determined to prove them wrong. I filled many glass bottles, all the way to the brim, bursting with fresh, warm, nutrient rich cow milk. I worked diligently to hone my craft. I was getting faster, better. Now my knee is injured. I may never crouch to milk another cow. This potential reality saddens me."

Dustin Ackley

"I have this problem when I'm plowing the fields. I just can't seem to fully complete the entire west side of the plot. We're working a lot on my turning skills with the tractor. I need to really swing it out wide, cover the whole thing."

James Paxton

"They keep saying that I can't hit the broad side of a barn, but I know that's not true. I've been pelting that sucker with dirt clods every day for as long as I can remember."

Taijuan Walker

"Apples, oranges, onions, tomatoes, I don't care. They're all round. They all curve. I can throw all of them really hard."

Danny Hultzen

"I would say I had a pretty standard childhood growing up. Family vacations, the Fourth of July, hamburgers, hot dogs, the whole deal. Steak on Sundays. I never really thought too much about it. But now, having been here, seeing the process up close and understanding how certain foods get put on the table. I don't know. I think I'm a vegetarian now."

Brad Miller

"I've always been the kind of player who liked to get his jersey dirty, but this is starting to get ridiculous."

Stefen Romero

"I thought we were supposed to be practicing baseball."