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26-33: Chart

A series win against the White Sox. Well now how about that?

Otto Greule Jr


Benjamin Button: Raul Ibanez (.336 WPA)

Fallen Hero: Felix Hernandez (-.058 WPA)

To while away the minutes while I rhapsodize on this game:

Do you find the wins powered by players like Raul Ibanez and Jason Bay hallow or are you able to enjoy the moment of success even though it's most likely the product of less than ideal front office process?

What kind of fish is best to eat and how do you like it prepared?

If someone has, say, devoted significant amounts of emotion and time into the story of Game of Thrones, hasn't been able to watch the most recent episode what's got everyone all in a tizzy and the main spoiler was intentionally spoiled for you how big of a wrong do you think the spoiler has committed on the spoilee? Is this a crime that's fundamentally relationship changing or something you think you could laugh off after a bit.

What are good, non-alcohol methods of relieving stress in about 30-60 minutes at the end of the day?