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6/4: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez Vs. Jake Peavy

Otto Greule Jr

This *should* be an enjoyable game. Jake Peavy seems to have overcome long odds and recovered from a long injury filled stretch from 2009-2011. His 2012 was far better than I had realized both in terms of quality and quantity of innings.

Felix, meanwhile has been himself. You know this. But in case you need numerical evidence, Felix through 12 starts:

2013: 83.1 IP, 87 K, 16 BB, 25 R

2012: 81.2 IP, 81 K, 26 BB, 33 R

2011: 84.2 IP, 81 K, 26 BB, 36 R

2010: 80.0 IP, 74 K, 29 BB, 34 R

2009: 78.1 IP, 79 K, 23 BB, 33 R

While Felix's stuff is arguably slowly eroding in quality his results are actually slightly improving. I don't know how long that's sustainable but I know it's here today. Grab a lollipop and go outside.

Seattle Mariners

Endy Chavez - RF
Jason Bay - LF
Kyle Seager - 3B
Kendrys Morales - 1B
Raul Ibanez - DH
Nick Franklin - 2B
Michael Saunders - CF
Jesus Sucre - C
Brendan Ryan - SS

Felix Hernandez - P

Chicago White Sox

Alejandro De Aza - LF
Gordon Beckham - 2B
Conor Gillaspie - 3B
Alex Rios - RF
Paul Konerko - 1B
Adam Dunn - 1B
Alexei Ramirez - SS
Jordan Danks - CF
Tyler Flowers - C

Jake Peavy - P

It would have been nice if in the past 5+ years or so the Mariners had acquired some talent through free agency. But Adam Dunn, Josh Hamilton, Barry Zito, Chone Figgins, etc. Free agency is terrifying.

Take it away Lesley.