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A Poll On Felix Hernandez Pitching Tonight For The Mariners

As scientific a study as I intend to ever do.

The masses (you).
The masses (you).
Hulton Archive

*Please do not participate in this poll without reading Patrick's excellent post on loving baseball through baseball cards.

I will preface this poll by acknowledging, as I should have in previous posts, that some of you may not enjoy the sunshine. If that's the case I offer congratulations on making a fine choice on where to live. Unless you don't live in Western Washington. I am most certainly not trying to make anyone feel anything less than included here. Lookout Landing has a long and storied history of inclusiveness and firm policies in place establishing this as a place open to all* (except Angels fans).

That preamble aside if you DO like the sun, and you DO live somewhere around Seattle and you DO like the Mariners tonight's game has a lot to offer. It's going to approximately 70 degrees at first pitch. In the near 4 decades the Mariners have existed one of the two greatest pitchers ever the wear their uniform will be on the mound. SafeCo Field is almost universally considered a very pleasant experience. Yet the fanbase's view of the team is almost equal parts apathy and anger. Last night had similar weather and the crowd was just over 13,000.

So, acknowledging that the participants of this polling are not a scientific subset of humanity I pose to you thus:

*I assume.