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6/30: Open Game Thread

Jeremy Bonderman and The Mariners look to take the series from the Cubs at 1:10 PM.

Stephen Dunn

What a bizarre couple of baseball games we've had lately. Friday gave us Brad Miller's first game and a Mike Zunino walk-off. Yesterday had that pitching/DH debacle. Michael Saunders and Dustin Ackley are injured and unavailable to hit. You would think that given a certain number of games in a closed set, anomalies like last night would be countered with quick, textbook multi-hit 3-2 games where nothing too interesting happens. But then again...

Must not talk about roster construction. Must not talk about roster construction. Must not...



P. Jeremy Bonderman (R)

P. Edwin Jackson (R)

This year, Edwin Jackson is 3-10 with a 5.84 ERA. His xFIP is 3.88 which is kind of weird, but then you realize that he has a pretty crummy defense behind him, so he's often on his own. Despite a slow start, he's actually been pretty manageable this year, with about 8 Ks/9 and a BABIP of .340, which again, can be chalked up to the Cubs' defense. But his LOB% is at a career-low 58.9%, so if the Mariners want to jump on him, they are going to need to get on base and do it a lot.

Discuss! How do you all feel about the Thames trade? Who are we seeing play their final games in Mariners uniforms?