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25-33: Ibanez and Morales power Mariners to victory over White Sox

Raul Ibanez hits a home run the day after his 41st birthday; Joe Saunders is solid in Safeco as the Mariners top the White Sox 4-2.



Ryan Atwood: Kendrys Morales (+.137 WPA)

Oliver Trask: Jason Bay (-.065 WPA)

  • Jason Bay's OPS has already dropped 50 points since his double dinger day, worth three points in Scattegories. Fates can change in a hurry when you're playing with small sample size (another three points!), and two days has made a huge impact. Jeff wrote a lot of excellent words on Jason Bay today.
  • Raul Ibanez had a home run the day after his 41st birthday. I'm really only mentioning this so I can get another three points for belated birthday bomb.
  • Tom Wilhelmsen was better but not great, as a leadoff walk scored that normally wouldn't have scored thanks to defensive indifference. Defensive indifference is stupid. Let's talk about that.
  • Joe Saunders must really love the spread at Safeco. What's Joe Saunders' pre-game meal?
  • Kendrys Morales is hitting .396 with RISP. Kyle Seager is hitting .211 with RISP. Aren't year to year changes that disprove narratives fun?
  • Michael Saunders is still broken.
  • For all of the crap I've given Yoervis Medina over the years, he has shown to be a solid reliever for the M's this year, and now I'm glad they didn't expose him to waivers all those times I wanted them to. Sorry, Yoervis. What kind of a name is Yoervis? An awesome one.