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6/29: Open Game Thread

Aaron Harang vs. Jeff Samardzija

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners and Cubs don throwback uniforms while playing a ye-old fashioned game of base-ball at 4:15 PM. Nick Franklin is out of the lineup with a sore neck, and they've moved Brad Miller over to cover 2B in his absence. He's also batting second in his second game. Welcome to the show.

Don't forget the game is on FOX today, which means we are going to get three hours of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck talking about the M's "youth movement," and how Jack Z just couldn't predict Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackley falling apart, and Boy! How about that Raul Ibanez? Whatever.



P. Aaron Harang (P)


P. Jeff Samardzija (P)

It's a great day for afternoon baseball- what is everyone drinking/eating/doing to enjoy the game?