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Alex Liddi Designated for Assignment

His assignment is to learn how to hit a baseball more frequently in another organization. Farewell.


The influx of Mariner youth has caused more than a few casualties of the 40-man roster, and last night Alex Liddi was the latest victim.

This is Liddi's third year in Tacoma, and hehas bounced up and down between Tacoma and Seattle. While his power potential always teased, his contact issues became worse and worse, and this season his K% skyrocketed to an absurd 32.8% in AAA, all while he declined in his third year.

Alex Liddi, AAA K% wOBA
2011 26.70% 0.353
2012 23.20% 0.340
2013 32.80% 0.340

It was initially a little surprising that Liddi got the axe given that Lucas Luetge and Anthony Fernandez are still hanging on, but the club feels those two are more likely to be actual contributors at some point, and I agree. The writing was on the wall for Liddi at some point, and his immediate improvement is less likely than others, given his regression. Liddi isn't a real option for the M's even as a substitute because of the gaping holes in his swing. Here's what Tacoma broadcaster Mike Curto had to say on the whole ordeal.

Liddi's one of those eternal developmental prospects who another organization probably thinks they can fix, especially after watching from Chris Davis has managed to do this year. Still, Davis never struck out nearly as much as Liddi, and Liddi is getting worse, not better. He's a good guy to keep around in AAA in case he suddenly busts loose, so I hope he does clear waivers. I do expect he'll get claimed. Still, contact issues as severe as his are rarely remedied, and that is likely going to be the dagger that keeps Liddi from ever making it.

It seems like there's been an unusually high number of 40-man casualties this year thanks to the constant roster shuffle. Liddi joins Eric Thames in the DFA wasteland, and we'll keep you posted on what happens to both of them.