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34-43: Chart

Kendrys Morales hits a walk-off 3 run HR in the bottom of the 10th to take the series 2-1 from the Oakland Athletics.

Even Felix couldn't help it
Even Felix couldn't help it
Otto Greule Jr


Michael Caine in Harry Brown: Raul Ibanez (.265 WPA)

Michael Caine in Hannah and Her Sisters: Kyle Seager (-.094 WPA)

The Mariners beat the Athletics 6-3 to regain 3rd place in the AL West. Raul Ibanez hit 2 home runs and everyone rolled their eyes. Franklin Gutierrez was lifted with a tight hamstring, because of course, and Jeremy Bonderman was Jeremy Bonderman.

As Morales was rounding third after his 2nd career walk-off, everyone on TV made about 487 jokes about his last walk-off against the Mariners as a member of the Angels, where he broke his leg jumping on home plate as he celebrated. No matter what you accomplish in your life, people will always remember what they choose to remember about you, which isn't fair. Welcome to being a Seattle Mariner, Kendrys.