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Tacoma, Pulaski Feel Mariners Pain

The Mariners weren't the only team in the organization to suffer heartache last night.

One cool thing happened last night
One cool thing happened last night

Felix Hernandez wasn't Felix Hernandez Thursday night. Having been spotted seven runs, a victory was surely in hand. That didn't happen, though, as you're no doubt quite aware.

It seems like the problem wasn't an isolated thing for just the M's within their organization last night.

Tacoma Rainiers

With a five run lead in hand by the time the -- you guessed it -- fifth inning rolled around, the Tacoma Rainiers looked to be cruising to another big win against the Sky Sox in Colorado Springs. Of course, a lead is less safe in that ballpark than almost any ballpark in the baseball world, humidor be damned.

This even happened:


That's Franklin Gutierrez ripping a three-run homer. He's starting to come around a bit, but I won't digress too much from the bad news with silly good news.

With three runs in the fifth inning and six in the sixth, the Sky Sox pulled within one run of the R's. They added another in the eighth, setting up a oh-no-not-the-Rainiers-too moment.

The bats having gone silent in the seventh through ninth innings, the Rainiers couldn't add on any insurance. No worries, in comes closer Brian Moran to slam the door. Except, yep, of course, his first blown save of the season. Drew Garcia doubled past Dustin Ackley in center and Lars Davis sac bunted Garcia over to third. Moran was shown four fingers twice, loading the bases with one out. Hernan Iribarren gets the walk-off single. If you knew Hernan Iribarren was a thing, you win the internet.

Pulaski Mariners

The participants are many, many moons away from potentially contributing to the big club but we can share their heartache in this one.

Pulaski scored the first run of the game in fifth off a double by catcher Toby DeMello.The Burlington Royals finally got on the board in the seventh when Ramon Torres scored on a sac fly by Mauricio Ramos.

A long, long time later -- in the bottom of the 13th -- check out this game log:

  • Mauricio Ramos singles on a ground ball to left fielder Jesus Ugueto.
  • Chad Johnson singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman Joseph DeCarlo. Mauricio Ramos to 2nd.
  • With Alex Newman batting, wild pitch by Scott Ronnenbergh, Mauricio Ramos to 3rd. Chad Johnson to 2nd.
  • Scott Ronnenbergh intentionally walks Alex Newman.
  • Andrew Ayers reaches on a force attempt, fielding error by shortstop Zach Shank. Mauricio Ramos scores. Chad Johnson to 3rd. Alex Newman to 2nd.

Why, baseball Gods? Why must you also torture the kids?